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We have been established in wrought iron gates and steel fabrication for over 20 years. Our quality workmanship has been passed on from generation to generation. We can help you with a wide range of products.

Balustrading Melbourne

Custom Made Wrought Iron Balustrades Melbourne

When it comes to build a new home, office or a business space, the first and foremost thing that strikes our mind is ‘safety and security’. The next utmost important factor is the feel and the appearance of the space imparted by the materials and products used to decorate it. Now as wrought iron balustrading service in Melbourne is effectively enhancing, hence for most of the support work & lining the parapets or the staircase, these types of railings or walls are basically used. But the most appreciating part is custom made wrought iron balustrades Melbourne that give the edifice an enchanting yet sophisticated look. Therefore, we at Dandenong Wrought Iron & Steel Fabricators Pty Ltd are the pioneers of a huge range of balustrade designs when it comes to custom made Wrought Iron Balustrades Melbourne. Our services are highly professional & we use the best quality raw materials to make your balustrades sturdy, strong and beautiful at the same time. Hence if you are looking for professional way of supporting your lining the parapets or the staircase in its most efficient and effective manner, then for this the best option is to go for our service of balustrading Melbourne for your railings or walls. Our service will provide you with that feel and appearance and give you that added value. So wait no more and build your home with durable balustrade, making good use of raw materials and making it look good and strong from inside. Hence visit our site to choose our Wrought Iron Balustrades Melbourne.

Wrought Iron Balustrading In Melbourne

  • Tube balustrade or solid balustrade
  • Solid steel or tube can be made using Wrought Iron Balustrading In Melbourne
  • Customized as per customer requirements
  • Bars are evenly spaced, welded and centralized in the center of the frame in order to make the balustrade look similar on either side
  • We can use varied types of handrails round, convex, hot forged scrolls, square, cold scroll, wrought iron components, twisted bars baskets etc
  • Each panel individually goes through the six stage process to get a fine finish, the stages includes grinding and sanding both before and after the galvanizing process in order to provide it with a superior quality finish, that is; prior to powder coating
  • These are Powder coated in the colour, chosen by our clients
  • We also help in installation custom made Wrought Iron Balustrading In Melbourne